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Yassen Namiq     یاسین نامێق -

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Yassen Namiq
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 Awe Hatum Bo Didar4 Min, 47 Sec RAM Listenئه‌وه‌ هاتووم بۆ دیدار
 Ay Dlberi5 Min, 41 Sec RAM Listenئای دلبه‌رێ
 Ay Yar Her Tum Dewi4 Min, 48 Sec RAM Listenئه‌ی یار هه‌ر تۆم ده‌وێ
 Be Bi Bexty5 Min, 5 Sec RAM Listenبه‌ بێ به‌ختی
 Chraxany Be Tinim2 Min, 59 Sec RAM Listenچراخانی به‌ تین
 Fryam Kewe3 Min, 41 Sec RAM Listenفریام که‌وه‌
 Gryani Dreng5 Min, 44 Sec RAM Listenگریانی دره‌نگ
 Shedelar3 Min, 54 Sec RAM Listenشه‌ده‌لار
 Tom Dewi , Tu Hamo Ashqim5 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenتۆم ده‌وێ ، تۆ هه‌مو ئه‌شقم
 Xemiki Gran4 Min, 16 Sec RAM Listenخه‌مێکی گران
 Xoshim Ewit6 Min, 10 Sec RAM Listenخۆشێم ئه‌وێت
 Zerya Min4 Min, 12 Sec RAM Listenزڕیا من
Total: 12 Songs 56 Min, 33 Sec 
His full name is Yassen Namiq who was born in Sulaimania, which is a major city in Kurdistan part of south Kurdistan.
Since his early childhood his passion to music and his talent was obvious to his family, colleagues and his teachers from whom he got lots of support. At his
early age he was selected to the musical theatre when his musical career formally started. He modernized traditional and folkloric Kurdish songs, giving it wid
appeal, freshness and making it appealing to the new, younger generation.
He became well known for his new "Happy Style" of Kurdish music which blends the Western style with the Kurdish rhythms and probably was the first mo
era Kurdish singer to cross the borders and reach out to a cosmopolitan audience.
Birthplace: Sulaimania
Website: www.yassenmusic.com/v1/
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