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Gazi Peker     -

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Gazi Peker
 Song Name Length Type Listen     Select all ناو گورانی
 09 Rain Steps3 Min, 50 Sec RAM Listen
 10 CH off SO24 Min, 45 Sec RAM Listen
 Asala Hayati4 Min, 3 Sec RAM Listen
 Belly Dance5 Min, 9 Sec RAM Listen
 Beloved Tara3 Min, 4 Sec RAM Listen
 Corner Shop2 Min, 50 Sec RAM Listen
 Dance 4 me Oriental Girl9 Min, 22 Sec RAM Listen
 Dino Oy Yare5 Min, 15 Sec RAM Listen
 East to East Dance4 Min, 12 Sec RAM Listen
 Freestyle Oriental D3 Min, 50 Sec RAM Listen
 Kelly Rowland2 Min, 58 Sec RAM Listen
 Kismat4 Min, 15 Sec RAM Listen
 Oh The Dearest Kismat3 Min, 29 Sec RAM Listen
 Oriental Dance Fever5 Min, 20 Sec RAM Listen
 Oriental Ladies Dance Night9 Min, 28 Sec RAM Listen
 Sivan Perwer5 Min, 7 Sec RAM Listen
 Tara`s Song3 Min, 1 Sec RAM Listen
 The birth of Tara4 Min, 23 Sec RAM Listen
 The Rainroad Tease Remix3 Min, 35 Sec RAM Listen
 Thunder Break3 Min, 28 Sec RAM Listen
Total: 20 Songs 91 Min, 24 Sec 
Gazi Peker is a Kurd from Turkey living in Denmark, being the first Kurdish/Turkish/Danish artist playing electronic music. In early 2008 he released his debut CD named "Kismet". The music is in the electronica / ambient genre with an ethnic dimension.

Kismet is produced as a soundtrack album for a screen play by the same name. Its a one-man project, involving guest musicians such as Sivan Perwer, John Villadsen, Aynur Peker, Sven Pors, Tara P. Kramhøft and others.

Gazi Peker is today one of Denmark's busiest DJ's playing ethnic and lounge music.
Education: Communikation/Art
Birthplace: Konya,
Current Location: Denmark
Email: gazpek AT gmail.com
Website: www.peker.dk
External Link I: Click here

I am Originally Kurd from Turkey. Several years ago I was part of a Turkish band. Apart from playing Saz, I was the front figure of the band " Konya Alti". At that time I moved to Denmark and became extremely fond of electronica/ambient music. I started composing my own music, which is in electronica/ambient genre with an ethnic touch. A couple of years ago I wrote a film script, named "Kismet" and got the idea of the CD, Which has the same name. Until further notice the "Kismet" CD is one man's project, which involves guest's musicians as Sivan Perwer, John Villadsen, Sven Pors, Aynur Peker and others. During all this time I hade offeres from more establish musicians as Sivan Perwer, a Turkish Theatre Ensemble, Turkish film producers and producers of a compilation projects named "Beduin Bar". One of my numbers has been released in a compilations CD, Called "NebelWerfer" in 2005 by Studio 8. In my spare time I works as a DJ "DJ Gazi" playing ethnic party music as the first DJ in Denmark. I have been playing all over the world at clubs, festivals, m.m....
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