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Jiyar Gol     ژیار گۆل -

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Jiyar Gol
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Born and educated in the East of Kurdistan city of Senna. He immigrated to Canada in 1998. He has a bachelor�s degree in animal Sciences from Iran, and a diploma in Electricity and Industrial electronics from British Columbia (BCIT), a diploma in Documentary Filmmaking.

In 2004, he direct and produced a documentary film on Iraq-USA war entitled Liberation or Occupation?, A Passage Through Iraq. In this film he reveals the success of the Kurds in the South of Kurdistan and the security situation of Arabs in the centre of Iraq.

The Emblem Of Turkey, The Kurdish Problem� is another documentary that has been produced, direct and edit by Jiyar. This film focuses on Kurdish mothers in the North of Kurdistan for peace and general amnesty for the political prisoners in Turkish jails and guerillas in the Kurdish mountain. This film has been screened in Los Angeles and Sacramento�s Global Art film festival in California, and British Columbia�s universities and colleges, Scotland�s International Human rights Film Festival (Glasgow), and Vancouver�s Amnesty International Film Festival.

Jiyar also made 10- minute biography of Leyla Zana, a Kurdish Parliamentarian who was imprisoned for 11 years simply for speaking in Turkish National assembly. She was a three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Currently he is directing a documentary film on Canada�s Health Care system for Canada's Global National TV. He is also in development of a film about Anfal in Kirkuk. Jiyar is a recipient of Canada�s Arts Council, British Columbia�s Art Council, and national Film Board of Canada.
Birthplace: Sine
Email: info AT jiyarfilms.com
Website: www.jiyarfilms.com
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