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Dler Dler     دڵێر -

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Dler Dler
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Since the early stages of his childhood, Dler had a great deal of interest in singing and entertaining. As a boy, Dler would jump at the opportunity to sing for family and friends. Very early on, Dler knew education ranked first on his "priority" list and playing soccer in the Swedish National League ranked second; however, his passion for singing continued to grow stronger as he grew older. Continuing his teenage years, Dler was constantly encouraged by family and friends to consider taking up singing as a hobby. Finally, family and friends persuaded him to perform professionally.
By March 21, 1987, Dler was ready to embrace the stage. He made his first public performance at a notable Nowruz party, held in Skiftinge skolan, Eskilstuna, Sweden. His performance was a charm and he made a great impression. However, due to the fact that he was still in high school, there was a four-year gap between his first year of singing and his "comeback" performance. In 1991, Dler and a few of his friends thought about forming a band, and so they did. The band members included some of today's most prominent Kurdish artists; such as Nabaz Barzangi, Aras F. Rasul, and Jir Barzangi…just to name a few. The band’s main ambition was to create a perfect combination of traditional and...
Birthplace: Sweden
Website: www.dleronline.com/bio.html
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