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Azhar Hazim Shemdin     ئاژار حه‌زیم شه‌مدین -

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Azhar Hazim Shemdin
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Azhar Hazim Shemdin Agha was born in 1947 in the town of Zaxo, in southern Kurdistan (Zokho Kurdistan in Iraq). She was educated in American universities in Baghdad and Beirut where she acquired a B.Sc. in business, and an M.A. in history, and Canadian universities and colleges in Toronto. She studied art at Ontario college of Art and Sheridan College, and art education at The University of Toronto. At present she paints in her studio in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Azhar paints whatever inspires her at any moment. It could be a map of the universe, still life composition, tulips in her garden, the concept of the year 2000, watching out for a computer virus, musical rhythms, or out-door scenery. Her paintings are brightly coloured, mostly large, and expressionistic to abstract in style.

Her philosophy in life? "I want to create good memories, for when we are gone, they stay!"
Email: azhar_shemdin AT yahoo.com
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