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Nasih Abdel Rahman     ناسێح عه‌بدولره‌حمان -

- Painting.Painters.

Nasih Abdel Rahman
 Online Gallery: 15 / 30
Date of birth: Jan., 1st 1961
Place of birth: Sulemania (Iraq)
Education: Academy of Art 1984-1985

Occupation: painter (diploma)Name: Nasih Abdel Rahman

Because of the political situation in Iraq and Kurdistan and the unjustified living conditions of Kurds caused by the dictatorial regime our life was full of fear and worries.
So my family was forced to move from city to city and from country to country to escape from the regime. All these events left their mental traces in my mind, e.g. the sad appearance of buildings and all the innocent people who suffered from it, too.
Not only my family but many others as well had to live in just one small room under bad conditions.
That’s why I quit school several times in spite of my big passion for art and colours.
So I had to go to work to raise the costs for school.
That made it possible for me to achieve my diploma of art.
During that time it was war between Iraq and Iran followed by the 2nd Gulf War few years later. Our life aggravated dramatically.
So in 1992 I decided to take refuge in Germany with my family.
Arrived in Germany a psychological and emotional conflict came up on the one hand concerning my past in Iraq which was characterized by war, pain and torture and on the other hand concerning calm and peaceful life in Germany.
I was feeling both worlds inside of me and I knew I would live between them. From now on I felt obliged to catch up on things like art, technology and development.

Birthplace: Sulaymaniyah

• I asked myself what art meant to me. From my point of view art is a question of emotions which express my memories as well as my dreams and desires. With my art I want to give a view of the reality that I wished it to be like. It points out my homesickness and my memories of childhood. I found my way to deal with that through the colours and painting. Art became a part of me and I became a part of art. Therefore art was the only opportunity to understand life at least a little bit. In my work as an artist one mainly sees oriental buildings from Baghdad with their ancient doors and windows. That deeply influences my soul and by that of course my paintings, too. The viewer also sees warm and cold colours and persons without faces which express their rough life. My abstract and very colourful works of art show a dynamic rhythmical dimension corresponding to today. They also have an impressive effect on the viewer.

Nasih Abdel Rahman
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